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Winter 2014 Tour w/ A Great Big World

Happy New Year friends!

I’m so excited to announce that my new band, Secret Someones, will be going on tour with our dear friends A Great Big World! They’ve had an incredible year and we’re honored that they’ve asked us to open for them on these upcoming Winter 2014 dates.

You can check out our recently released EP here and A Great Big World’s forthcoming album here.

Shows are selling out quickly, so check out the dates below and grab your tickets before they’re gone.

Hope to see you out on the road!




Germany Tour w/ Misty Boyce!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m going on tour in Germany (July 2nd-13th) with the one and only Misty Boyce! I’ll be playing in her band as well as opening most of the shows. This is only my second time playing music in Germany and my first time playing my own music there, so this is obviously very exciting!Tour dates are below, and more details can be found here.


germany tour

Second Song Released in Cover Series!

For this month’s Bess Rogers Presents: Songs Other People Wrote cover, Chris Kuffner and I decided to take on one of my favorite Talking Heads’ songs, Once In A Lifetime, and give it a synthy dancy makeover! We had a lot of fun making this one and I hope you all have a lot of fun listening.

Go grab it for FREE on Bandcamp (click through via the artwork below) and share with your friends if you like it!


New Cover Series!

I just started a cover series called Bess Rogers Presents: Songs Other People Wrote. (a pretty cryptic title, I know). Each month I will be releasing a new cover song for FREE on my bandcamp page! And since I’m a 90’s girl at heart, this month’s installment is a cover of Found Out About You, orginally by the Gin Blossoms.

Chris Kuffner and I played all the instruments except for drums, percussion and cardboard box, which were played by Zach Jones. We also employed my two new favorite musical toys, the iKaossilator and the Pocket Piano, which I highly recommend checking out if you like making noise.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song, and please share it if you do!

p.s. the cover photo was taken while on tour in Ireland. We stopped randomly for gas, found ourselves at a castle (typical), and I managed to capture this candid shot of some mean Irish sheep.

Winter 2013 – Living Room Tour

The three of us, plus Zach Jones on percussion, will be playing some house concerts up and down the east coast starting next week.These shows are small, intimate, and in people’s private homes, so tickets are limited! Links are below. We hope to see you!
2/8 Melbourne, FL
2/9 Orlando, FL
2/10 Tallahassee, FL
2/13 Lake Wylie, SC
2/14 Greensboro, NC
2/15 Richmond, VA
2/16 Frederick, MD
See you there!

Bye Bye Love cover with Allie Moss

If you’ve seen Allie Moss and I either opening for Ingrid Michaelson in LA or NY, or at one of our shows recently, you may have seen us play a cover of Bye Bye Love; the happiest sounding sad song that has ever been. Well, we finally recorded it, with the help of Chris Kuffner, and it’s now for sale! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can download it now on Bandcamp and iTunes!


About 6 months ago I was given the amazing opportunity to try writing an updated version of the Cheerios® jingle. I grew up eating Cheerios® and have always been a fan (and I don’t have to say that), so naturally this was very exciting for me. Chris Kuffner and I got together in our home studio here in Brooklyn and created something that we felt really embodied the spirit of Cheerios®. Well many months (and over 100 other submissions) later our little theme was chosen! This is such a thrill!

There are several commercials and they are airing right now. But here’s a video of one of them in case you haven’t caught it.

Also they made this cereal box for me. How cute is that?!
Gift from Cheerios
Anyway, if you hear my voice coming from your television, please let me know on Twitter or Facebook! You can also leave a comment on the Cheerios® Facebook page. Hearing about it really never gets old.


THE FULL SONG – “The Perfect Day”


      The icing on the cake is that along with modernizing the classic jingle in the new Cheerios® commercials, I also wrote a full length song to go along with their campaign! It’s called “The Perfect Day”  and here are some links to listen and buy.

Stream full song and download: Bandcamp

Preview and download: iTunes & Amazon

There is also a version of the song called “The One and Only” that features the jingle from the commercials. Check out this sweet video they used it in on their Facebook page.

New Video for “Math & Science”

My new video for Math and Science is done and you can watch it right here right NOW (!!!). The video follows an inquisitive android (model MS200 Deluxe Edition) who is on a mission to study and understand human love. I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for so long and it’s amazing to see it actually come to life. Kristen Winter did a stellar job directing, filming and editing, and Deborah Lopez’s hair and make-up skills kicked some serious ass. (More props are due so please check them out under the youtube video itself.)

Download the song for free:

Buy a Math and Science “Heart Rate” tee: Heart Rate Tee

New Album – Out of the Ocean – out now!

Out of the OceanMy new album, Out Of The Ocean, is officially released! This is a really exciting day for my producer/lawfully-wedded mancake, Chris Kuffner, and I. We enlisted the help of some very talented friends such as Ingrid Michaelson, Allie Moss, Ian Axel, Elliot Jacobson, Adam Christgau, and Saul Simon-MacWilliams and we’re so thankful for support it got on Kickstarter and in life by the people we love. A lot of love and hard work went into this record and I hope you enjoy what we did as much as we enjoyed making it.

Listen and download:



iTunes –

Amazon –

buy a physical signed copy: